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            This is project structure from a few directions in modern art begining 21 century.
            The studio ALTAY LIK GALLERY working in that styles.
            The director of studio ALTAY LIK GALLERY is Ganova Ludmila.
            Ket Gun is artist,poetess, photography model and photographer.
            Tsurikov Iliya is musician,artist,photographer and photography model.
      We are travel in Mountain Altay,Russia where is people of Russia looking for his happiness in
      country "Belovodie" about many centures.
      Nikolay Rerih find this place in his expedition on Altay and tell about expedition in his book
      "ALTAY - The Himalayas"
       he makes in expedition some series of paintings about this fantastic places.
      The photostudio "ALTAY LIK GALLERY" also aspire to personify in own arts the beauty Mountain Altay
      and create photographs of landscapes,makes photographs of the great river "Katun",
      and unique flowers of Mountain Altay.
           This flowers exist only on Altay.
      Love to the world (the world of nature) and human civilization and hope about
      each human who see our creation to be in active position in his own life,
      wish to help the human in hard situation.
      It is our way in life.
Altay Lik Gallery (Современное искусство)


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