Блоги, опубликованные на радиостанции "Эхо Москвы" в 2010-2011 .

  Провинциальный репортажПровинциальный репортаж

  Valley of freedomДолина Свободы

  Valley of freedomОрловские рысаки

  Wild Altay flowersДикие алтайские цветы

  PatmosExtreme на острове Патмос

  Mountain KatunГорная Катунь

  Altay sensationОчередная алтайская сенсация

  Altay sensationЧемал - горная река

  Katun journalКатунский дневник по понедельникам

  Алтайские петроглифыТаланты и поклонники в наше время

  19 января Крещение фото19 января Крещение

  MARK ROTHKOМарк Ротко: «Проливайте слезы перед моими картинами»

  А у нас живут дикие лебеди.А у нас живут дикие лебеди

I have written the book "In opposite to the opposition" about hard political atmosphere
in Russia today.
Some ideas expressed in the book was found in our conversation with ALTAY LIK GALLERY
It was discussion in radio station "Echo of Mockow" in internet blogs about difficult political
and cultural situation in Russia.
Many peoples took part in discussion on radio station "Echo of Moskow" in blogs...

I have written there 13 blogs about Altay edge. For example, about beautiful wild nature of Altay,
unique Altay flowers.

Wild swans are disappearing in Altay. They are barbarous annihilating...

Orlov trotter is rarity beautiful breed of the Altay horses/

Blog about journey on the Altay island of Patmos to monastery of Saint John the Evangelist author

Old architectonic ensembles - houses in Biysk city. It is destroy in present time.
And other...

But two my very important blogs wasn't published in "Echo of Moskow". About traditional royal
monarchy and her possibility in Russia today.

And my novel "Valued me without sex" about writer and politician Eduard Limonov,Russia and about me.

I think need a new ideas, new principle politicians in Russia,need honesty position in life and
politics. I htink it is time to will come.

Main aditor of radio station "Echo of Moskow" Aleksey Venedictov make use methods can't be
compatible with honesty journalist position.

How he did it? You are can reading in my blog in Livejournal


and book "In opposite to the opposition" http://likgallery.narod.ru/moskva.html 

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